Aug 10, 2015

Update 2.0 NEW START!!!!

Es ist beschlossen! 
Ich werde meinen Blog jetzt auf Deutsch weiterführen!! Yaaaaay!!

Wieso? Ganz einfach! Für mich ist es viel einfacher das Ganze hier auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Teils weil ich die Englische Sprache noch nicht perfekt kann und außerdem ist es viel schneller Neue zu schreiben.Nach Japan hat sich einiges in meiner Entwurf-Box angesammelt und ich kam einfach nicht mehr hinterher 

Zuerst wollte ich es einfach sein lasse, meinen Blog als gescheiter erklären und nichts weiter schreiben...

...aber irgendwie kam mir das auch nicht richtig vor. Wollte ich diesen Blog wirklich nur löschen weil ich zu Faul war alles auf Englisch zu schreiben? NOPE!! 

Das wäre wirklich ein merkwürdiger Grund, oder nicht? 

Wie auch immer. Ich denke ich werde jetzt mehr schreiben über den alltäglichen Wahnsinn und Gedanken die in meinem Kopf rumschwirren 

Naja, das war es erstmal von mir


Jun 29, 2015

Japan Spring Trip'15 + Day 1

Okay since a very long time i'm back in Germany, or better said...since 3. April 2015. I planned to write something and already had written some words but i was again to lazy to post it online.

But soon i'll be again at the Japan Expo and want to write also a blog post about i need to do it NOW!! xD Otherwise i would forget everything x'D And that would be sad

Our flight was on 25 April, but i already went one day earlier to Mina, so we could enjoyed our last day in Germany. Of course we checked again our Plan. Normally, we never did it that much, but if you're flying just for few days to Japan you definitely need it. Otherwise you don't have time for everything. . .
We watched of course again some DVDs, ate a great dinner and drank elderberry beer. I'm not a big fan of beer, but i like elderberry tea and at the end it was a great mix.

The day started very early.
Everything went well, so we checked in and wait for the flight to Frankfurt. This time we decided to fly from Hannover Airport, it's closer and more relaxed then a looong trip to another Airport. And we didn't have to wait a long time and entered the Airplane really quickly.
I was excited because i never flew with Lufthansa before. I was just a 'small' Airplane but it was very comfortable.Although i wouldn't this route as a flight. It was more like an up...and down.

After a very smooth and short flight we arrived in Frankfurt, we found our dream car there and found also a very nice place named Coffee Fellows. It was really delicious! After a time we went to the Check in. Again, everything went well. Lucky! It was the most pleasant trip to Japan, i had so far. Without incident. That was holiday feeling!

This time it was a long flight and it was truly the most comfortable flight i've ever had. The food was good, the movies were good, the seats were not too tight and no one was behind us, soo...i think it's okay when i say it was a dream!!

I wanted to post images between my texts here but i don't work like it should...or like i want? x'P
This Japan holiday i mad many picture, strangely even more than my first japan trip. I'm still amazed at myself.

Anyway here are some pictures!

My Nails for this Japan Trip. Of course S~A~K~U~R~A

Elderberry Beer from BECK'S

Hannover - - - > Frankfurt Airplane
Our Dream Car - in Frankfurt

Coffee Fellows - Fresh Peppermint Kiss (Green Tea + Peppermint + Lemon) NOM!


Little Snack <3

Our Airplane from Frankfurt - Narita, Japan!! YAAAY! 

Matcha Soba...that was FOODPORN!!! 

    FOODPORN OVER 9000!!!


At 8:55 in the morning we arrived in Japan and very good mood, quickly picked up our WiFi-To-Go and went by N'EX from Narita Airport to Ikebukuro. And searched our Hotel. This time we choose 'Super Hotel Ikebukuro-Eki Kitaguchi'. 

The fun fact here...there were many Hostess- and Host-Clubs around or Hotel. Also many Love Hotels and many restaurant.

But our Hotel was a great Business Eco Hotel. Since we were to early our first goal was Asakusa. No matter how many times i've been there, i like it.
The first stop in Asakusa (after a shrine visit) was DONKI (full named: Don Quixote)

Then we went back and were able to check in at the Hotel to see finally our room. Sweet and small!

We taked a shower and visit a Butler Café in Ikebukuro. This was just...okay...maybe....
We have made an appointment for a special food set but in the end...we didn't get it...just a Bento...

Raw fish isn't a problem for me anymore since i visit Japan for the first time, but everything in this 'special' Bento was...raw...
The fish of course, the beef....the mussels....not....really good....really! Our Butler was pretty but not friendly and i think we just stayed there because of the great tea!....Of course it was also funny...but...MY MONEY!

Since we were still hungry we went to a Yakiniku restaurant, somehow it becomes a ritual for the first dinner in Japan. After that of course...HOTEL and SLEEPING TIME!! 


Mar 8, 2015

Good & Bad Stuff = That's live...

Koooooooniiichiiii waaaaa!!!!
Uff, i could manage it again to write a Post. The second post in the Year 2015 and somehow...i'm sad because of it. My dream was it to write much more and now this again...X'D
Also i bought a new Laptop. I thought it's smaller, but it's sooo big. I totally love it, even when i don't undertand Windows 8 at the moment. I think i'll get used to it. After a very long time XDDD But it's sooo comfortable with such a huge screen and my Toshiba is white!! SO PRETTY!!!!
Okay....It will be stressful to find a suitable bag and i also don't know if i'll take the laptop with me to Japan....Really, the laptop is also pretty heavy > o <
Let's see, let's see. By the's a photo with my Musumen DVD...SO BIG!!! 

I bought the Edition with Aoi, Tomitake and Nibansenji! :3 Also got a little Member-Card from Aoi, hehehe~
Speaking of Japan, i'll finally fly again. Although it will be a ShortTrip this time (from 26th March until 3. April). A little short Trip to Tokyo at the cherry blossom time. I still can believe it! It's a dream that come true!! Haaaah~, when thinking about it, i totally looking forward. More than the Flights before...

Maybe I can write about the days when i'm back in Germany. I think i can't write it in Japan, because the days are super busy with maaaaaany activities. So i think i'll just be super tired when i'm back at the hotel
I'm also super excited to talk again Japanese. Since January, i have learned at the weekend for some hours...okay sometimes more than 7 hours when i'm not busy 
This time, unlike before it works much better with another learn methode.

I know this are just good news but i also write something sad. At the 25th Febuary i needed to go with my mum and my cat to the veterinarian. A half year ago we went also there, but this time was the last time with my dear little cat. She couldn't go anymore, she hasn't eat/drink anything the whole day and Ismi couldn't lift her head. On our way to the veterinarian we thought the doctor could help us and make her healthy again...but this time even the doctor couldn't do anything, and he told us that my little darling is more dead than alive. It was a huge shock and i couldn't think properly. living without her...i thought about it some times ago but this situation was still shocking. I couldn't think anymore and just cried. I mean, i've had my cat for so many years, and this day the dead was so close. She was almost 14 years old, i think this is old but after all...
It was sad to let her go and it was also hard to make that decision to leave her sleep forever. She couln't be healed because she had cancer...again this illness take someone precious from me.
I always thought it would be fast to euthanize an animal...but it felt so long and it felt almost like a permanent loop that wouldn't end.
But after a very long time she fall in sleep forever and couldn't wake up again. The last seconds i didn't watched, it was to hard to see it and i just cried. Til the end i caress her, Ismi's last sound was a sigh. She made it so often when she wanted to relax and was annoyed that it was tooo loud. Somehow i had to smile about it....Even in the end, she was annoyed when we were to loud...gosh my little princess.

still miss her...
The first days were so hard and i still heared her and saw her everywhere. I know this sound very dramatic but it was really like this.
Some days ago i decided together with my Mother that we want again a cat. There are many people outside who said i'm heartless, but i can't understand them. I know this cat (or in my case now two cats) can't be Ismi. I don't even want this. She died because of a illness and it would be more heartless to buy new ones and call them the same name and the same color. This cats will be totally different from Ismi. But that's a good thing!!
I know i'll never forget her and nobody can replace her in heart. Nevertheless, i'll also love the two new and i'll take care of them. Of course, there will get also a place in my heart.
So...enough from sad stories. It was already pretty hard to write about my feelings
Sometimes bad stuff happened but that's live.

And now i'll end the Blogentry 

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